“Psychological Suffering is Never Trivial” (translation response letter)

Source: “Psychological Suffering is Never Trivial” (translation response letter)

“Psychological Suffering is Never Trivial” (translation response letter)


This is a response to the letter by Johan Braeckman et al., which itself was a response to a letter by Ariane Bazan et al.. in which the authors argued that the Belgian legislator ought to remove the option to request euthanasia purely on the basis of psychological suffering. This response was published in De Morgen on 14/12/2015

(Google translation was used for a rough basis, and I corrected the text based on my own knowledge of Dutch–my mother tongue)

Psychological Suffering Is Never Trivial

Ariane Bazan (Prof Clinical Psychology ULB), Gertrudis van de Vijver (Prof Philosophy, University of Gent), Willem Lemmens (Prof Philosophy, University of Antwerpen), Maarten Van Dijck (Prof Epistemology & History of Science, University of Gent), Jasper Feyaerts (Clinical Psychologist, University of Gent)

“Don’t trivialize psychological suffering,” Johan Braeckman and others write in response to our open letter, and this is about the best possible…

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Translation of an Open Letter of 8 December 2015 by Belgian Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Philosophers and Others re Psychological Suffering in Belgian Euthanasia Legislation (Translation)


On December 8, 2015, a group of psychiatrists, psychologists, philosophers and others published a letter in De Morgen, a Flemish newspaper, asking the legislator to remove the option for euthanasia on the basis of purely psychological suffering. Here is the English translation of the publication in De Morgen. I used google translation to create a quick basis, and corrected that rough translation based on my own knowledge of Dutch (Dutch is my native language). For the original Dutch version, go to



DEATH AS THERAPY.  Ariane Bazan (clinical psychologist ULB), Gertrudis Van de Vijver (philosopher UGent) en Willem Lemmens (ethicist, Universiteit Antwerpen) write this open letter in name of 65 professors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

For the first time since the adoption of the law in 2002, a decision to allow euthanasia – the case De Moor / Van Hoey – was…

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